lördag 14 januari 2017

Princesses and other creatures

Long time no seen!
I´m just fine, feeling completely happy!
I did those princess photographs for my glittery New Year Collection. 
It all started with me getting a song lyrics while sewing a glittery fabric.
I wrote the words down and Gustav and I made a song of it.
And I created my glittery collection based on that song.
Here is the video summing it all up.

And little more pictures.

I made some sexy ones this time too.
But I didn´t like the yellow background.
I promise I will go back to the black one!

So, time to move on to next project!
Oh, I forgot, I will have sewing courses, just get in touch if you are interested of participating.
The goal will be no expensive patterns, no ready made bias-tapes, we make everything from the ground and I will show how easy it is.

Bye-bye for now!